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ECITB and OPITO Apprenticeships

Report Segment: Apprenticeships

ECITB is an important part of the equation because they pay the apprenticeship allowance for “in-scope companies”. In 2009 there were 17 Level 3 off-shore apprentices being trained at EAGIT (including technical study at Lowestoft College). After two years, over 90% of them will be directly employed by, and will complete their apprenticeship within, a large off-shore business. This success rate makes the apprenticeship particularly attractive.

In addition to the off-shore Level 3 apprenticeships ECITB contracted with EAGIT for 12 Level2 apprentices undertaking the “supporting engineering activities” programme in 2009 and 11 apprenticeships in 2010.

The ECITB also provides a useful barometer of demand for apprenticeships from large companies. Whilst off-shore companies need for new apprentices has declined because of the recession (down to just 11 for East Anglia in 2010, and poor responses from off-shore companies in 2011), there is some hope for future ECITB apprentices: since last year the renewable energies sector has been added to the ‘in-scope’ list of ECITB eligible companies meaning that there is a new range of companies to engage with regarding future apprenticeship training.

OPITO is the Oil & Gas UK Industry's focal point for the skills and knowledge agenda. Its apprenticeship programme is robust, rigorous, highly competitive and industry endorsed. Over 95% of students obtain work in the industry on completion of there apprenticeship.