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Commercial Courses for the Energy Sector

Report Segment: Commercial Courses

Nautilus carried out some important work on skills gaps in preparation for their EPISCentre Business Case report. The report highlights 21 courses which are required by companies in the region but are not available locally. If East Anglia is to make progress in hub and spoke solutions to energy sector skills needs, it is vital to understand the economics behind these skills gaps and look at potential solutions.

The Nautilus list is replicated below:

  • CompEx
  • Hazardous Areas "ex" appreciation course
  • Explosion Protection Systems & Atex Awareness
  • Management of Major Emergencies Bolt Tensioning
  • Small Bore Tubing
  • HV/LV Power System Protection
  • HV/LV Switching course with electrical protection
  • Switching & Systems control
  • Fundamentals of the Safe Operation of Marine
  • Risk Assessment Techniques
  • Essentials of pressure systems
  • Fundamentals of process safety IchemE
  • Practice Aspects of process control
  • Practical Power Distribution
  • ISO 9001 Foundation Course
  • Internal QMS Auditor
  • QMS Lead auditor
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Industry Familiarisation Course
  • Leaving aside numbers of delegates required for the moment, there is a simple question to ask: How many of these courses could be delivered by existing training providers? The answer is most if not all of them as long as certain equipment was made available. Indeed some providers have suggested that more than half of the courses could be delivered now if there were sufficient numbers to make it economic.