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Possible Actions for the Energy Sector

Report Segment: Thoughts for the Future

  1. Encourage the expansion of Lowestoft College’s commercial portfolio and development of Great Yarmouth College’s energy skills portfolio.
  2. Support the establishment of an Engineering training Centre at Great Yarmouth.
  3. Recognition of Hethel Engineering Centre as an important catalyst for supply chain innovation for the sector.
  4. Importance of involving the private sector providers – e.g. PETANS;
  5. Expansion and development of the GTA model building on the work of EAGIT
  6. Developing skills ‘brand’ awareness through OPITO and ECITB
  7. Bringing together intermediaries (ECITB, OPITO EUSkills, Cogent ect..) to discuss ways of working together to achieve greater cooperation and synergy. As part of this, encourage Lowestoft College to gain accreditation to deliver the OPITO apprenticeship.
  8. Encouraging EEEGR to champion a virtual hub model through the innovative Skills for Energy initiative.
  9. Working with EWEG to deliver supply chain innovations across the industry.
  10. Develop an energy apprenticeship charter with buy in from industry; small businesses; intermediaries and training providers, in order to provide the content; level of service and appropriate facilities for new generations of apprenticeships in the two counties.