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Key Players in Norfolk and Suffolk

Report Segment: Virtual Hub and Spoke Model

The hub and spoke model should be reserved for short courses and not try to be all things to all people. The industry thrives on short courses and this is the real driver for skills within the UK energy economy. Of course pre-work qualifications are important especially in terms of training the workforce of the future (e.g. apprenticeships), but one shouldn’t forget that 80% of the 2020 workforce is already in work – and contracts depend on existing labour having the right skills to do the job. Moreover, pre-work qualifications don’t actually require a brokerage model; there are already plenty of support structures in place to guide young people into the qualifications they need for their chosen career.

Hub and Spoke Model for Short Courses in Norfolk and Suffolk

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The Scottish Model – A virtual Network

IESTA is the Scottish energy skills centre based close to Aberdeen. IESTA presents a “training capability matrix” involving 22 different training providers including FE, HE and the private sector, across 85 separate vocational disciplines ( ranging from accounting and auditing for the sector, to oil spills management and well control). This brokerage model is not dependent upon a physical centre and indeed many of the services offered are delivered on the premises of the appropriate providers rather than the IESTA skills centre which is small and not suitable for most types of training. This is a model which would suit East Anglia very well.